"The Light Aquatic" - Underwater Light sculpture, Yerington, NV

I thought i’de forward this from the LED Nerds list, as it’s pretty ace.

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From: extremefrequencies@gmail.com
Date: 11 July 2014 07:12
Subject: [led-nerds] “The Light Aquatic” - Underwater Light sculpture,
Yerington, NV
To: led-nerds@googlegroups.com


Thought you might enjoy some photos of my recent piece installed in
the East Walker River south of Yerington, Nevada over this past US
Independence Day weekend.

Computer generated images and photographic images (photos of street
murals in San Francisco Mission district) provide the source material
from which color palettes and animations are derived. The underlying
technology draws on the work we did on Charlie Gadeken’s “Aurora” 2011
Burning Man honorarium project.

I am working with the Black Rock Arts Foundation, Reno Compression and
the Army Corp of Engineers to get this installed in the Truckee RIver
in downtown Reno later this month.



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