Thinking of Joining

Hi All,
I’m thinking of joining this space, initially just to make elements of Guitar I am making. There are only a few things I need to make, but am potentially interested in learinging other areas of the space as well, and was wondering what goes into this, given that it’s member run.

The main tools I would be looking to use would be lathes (metal and wood), but am not sure what I would need to do initially, to be able to use them. I did an engineering course at college, when I was younger, so do have experience with them, but I also understand that anyone could say that and be a menace on the machinery. I’d look to start with a one month membership, and see if the space has the things I’d need ongoing. I would like to learn the laser cutter, though.

if someone could kindly answer the following, i’d be greatful:

  • Is joing for a single month allowed?

  • In the Metalwork room, does the lathe have a knurling tool? If not, and depending if I stay on as a member, I may purchase one and donate to the space.

  • What’s parking like around the space? I’d probably only visit on Sunday mornings.

  • What’s involved in learning the laser cutter, CNC and 3d Printer? Is this something another member does?

Many thanks

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Hey, welcome to the forum! Hope you do decide to join :slight_smile:

Joining for a single month is absolutely okay. Sign up, get your first payment done and your account will be paid up for a month.
You can immediately cancel the payment and use the space for a month. After that your account will become inactive - you’ll be welcome to re-activate your account at a later date if you wish.

Parking is limited to on-street parking on the mill side only. There’s good tram connections if you wanted to park and ride. There may be parking around the area but I don’t drive so can’t help you there :slight_smile:

Laser cutter, lathe and CNC both requires training. This is done with another member and is organised on Telegram usually ( It may take a few days or a week to organise and find a time that works for training!

Not sure on the lathe questions I’ll let someone else field those.

Cheers cone. We do have a knurling tool, yep.

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Parking is a bit tricky. Opposite the space is a yellow line and you are likely to get ticketed. On the space side, there is a line but no sign, meaning you can get away with it, but competition for spots is fierce. I often park round the corner, but much prefer riding my bike.

On Sundays it should be easier to find a spot.

@Cone & @mikeh

Thank you both for your replies! Very much appreciated!

No problem regarding the training. i shouldn’t need too much help on the lathe, if I remember for the old days’, but I understand that is just as much for the good of the space as it is for my own safety. getting a time that works for me and the other member may be tricky, as my availability is all over the place, but I’m sure i could find a time that suits someone else.

Parking may be an issue, as I’m not close enough for public transport to be a convenient option. That is what it is, though - just have to hope I’m lucky and find a spot.

Thanks again for the replies. I’ll see when I might have some time available for someone to show me the ropes, and see about joining then :+1:

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If you are available, swing by on a Wednesday after 6.30pm - it’s open evening every week and you can rock up and have a look round :+1:

Ah! Good to know! Thanks for that Cone - that might be a good first step.

Thanks again!

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Correct me if I’m wrong but parking is only restricted Mon-Fri 8am-6pm? so if they are coming on a Sunday or evening they should be fine.