to upcycling practitioners’ workshop

Dear Hackspace Manchester members,

The Centre for Industrial Energy, Materials and Products is organising a
workshop for upcycling practitioners who have succeeded in commercialising

We define upcycling as “the process of creating or modifying any product
from used materials, components or products in an attempt to generate a
product of higher quality or value than the compositional elements”;
effectively including creative repair and reuse as well as refurbish.

We would like to ask you about your experiences of commercialisation in
terms of barriers, problems, or difficulties as well as your opinions on
what interventions (e.g. policy) may be required to help your business to
become mainstream.

The workshop will take place in late February or early March, in
Nottingham or London depending on your preferences, starting at about 12:00
and ending by 17:00.

The provisional programme includes lunch with networking, keynote speeches,
showcase of upcycling enterprises and group activities.

If you decide to participate in this workshop, your travel cost (2nd class)
will be reimbursed, lunch and refreshments will be provided, you will have
an exciting opportunity to network with other practitioners as well as
academic experts in sustainable production and consumption, and you will
get the best chocolate in Nottingham.

If you are willing to participate, could you please *send an email to * with the following information?:

  •      *Your full name*
  •      *Your company name* (if applicable; but not necessary)
  •      *Preferable date*: (e.g. any week days/ any weekend/ only 

Saturday/ any Wednesday or Thursday/etc.)

  •      *Preferable location*: (e.g. Nottingham / London/ both)

Thank you for your consideration.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,


Kyungeun Sung

Postgraduate researcher

Centre for Industrial Energy, Materials and Products (CIE-MAP)

Nottingham Trent University