TODAY: Digital Economy Bill Flashmob, 5pm

Whilst the practicalities of the Digital Economy Bill, may seem like a
complete joke, sadly this email is no April Fools Prank.

As you may be aware, the Digital Economy Bill is a piece of legislation
which, if put through, would have quite serious implications for Digital

What is the Digital Economy Bill?
Whilst billed a law about preventing copyright infringement, the bill
has far reaching powers, allowing the government to block websites,
(social networks, wikileaks, wikipedia), at will and changing one of the
basis’s of UK common law in assuming you guilty until proven innocent.

THe bit I find particularly unhelpful the segment that holds the
subscriber of the internet service liable for all activies on that line.
This is essentially the death of open wifi in cafes and bars - its just
unworkable if you are liable for the actions of your patrons.

Why are we protesting?
The DEB has been written at the behest of the media industry (some
clauses were actually written by the BPI) with absolutely no regard for
anybody else.

Furthermore, not only is this bill flawed, it is being rushed through
parliament without debate using a process known as “wash up”, which was
intended for use on uncontroversial bills.

If you’re coming to the flashmob then sign up to get a “ticket” on
EventBrite so we can let you know the exact location of the flashmob
shortly before it begins!

We’ll have plenty of flyers so just bring yourself and something to
censor yourself with but we’ll be providing black tape in case you can’t.

I’m sorry it has got to this stage, however I hope you’ll join me there,


Tim Dobson

PPUK PPC for Manchester Gorton
0161 8500 185