Tool Grinder now leveled

Hi All,

I’ve recently dropped in a new tool for the grinder
The one of the left

Basically when you want to clean the grinding wheel or level it, you can switch the grinder on then off again. Then while the wheel is still rotating use the tool to remove debris or level the wheel.
I’ve put it along side the diamond one in the blue tool box under the bandsaw for now.

Also me and Greg have recently re-leveled the white grinding wheel

As near as we can tell some buffoon had tried to grind 10mm off the end of a drill bit with it and gauged a large chunk out of the middle of the wheel.

The white grinding wheel is designed to be used with water in the bottom of it, to keep the thing your grinding cool to avoid the metal going soft.
Also if you’re grinding 10mm off the end of a drill bit then your doing it wrong.
I’d like to ask whoever did that not to do it again please, I don’t want to have to buy a new wheel for this thing.

Many Thanks