Tool lockouts

Hey all,

Following some damage done to tools in the space (e.g. the table saw) we now have plug locks instated on some of the most dangerous, delicate, expensive or regularly misused tools. The plug lock is secured with a combination padlock, the code for each tool is listed on the membership system only visible to trained members.

Locked tools

Metalworking Mill

Metalworking Myford Lathe

Wood Table Saw

How to use the tool as a trained member

  1. Get the code for the padlock
    It’s listed on the equipment page under “Induction”. Here’s a dummy example for a tool that doesn’t have a code lock:
    If you have been trained but the system hasn’t been updated, shout out on Telegram or email board @ hacman with who trained you. Someone will investigate and update records if required.

  2. Remove plug lock and start using tool. Plug lock is secured to the cable with cable ties so it won’t fall off.

  3. Return plug lock to the plug, padlock it, and reset numbers to 000

How to get trained

  1. Visit the equipment list at
  2. Request an induction
  3. Note any instructions on how to request an induction - it may require organising with someone, getting on Moodle, or joining a Telegram group

You will then either:

  • Do the training
  • Demonstrate to the trainer or board that you know how to use the equipment - e.g. if you use a table saw for work and can demonstrate you know how to use it safely then you can be marked as inducted without a formal session.

Guidance and rules

  • You must replace the plug lock and padlock after use
  • You can make a note of the code for each tool for quick reference, but keep it private.
  • Do check the membership system if the code doesn’t work - it may have been updated.
  • Do shout out if the code has been released and the tool is being used by someone not trained. Someone can then reset the code.
  • Do not tell others the code even if they claim to be inducted. It’s vital they are marked as inducted on the membership system as that’s where the audit log is and protects the space in the event of an accident. The only people who can mark someone as inducted are admins (e.g. board members) or trusted members (who are typically on subcommittees). shout out on Telegram or email board @ hacman if you are not marked as trained when you are, with who trained you.
  • Do not circumvent, or try to circumvent the plug locks. It isn’t impossible to force them open or cut them off but doing so is a direct violation of the H&S policy as you’re removing the one protection to keep people safe. Guessing the code counts too - if you don’t know the code it’s because you’re not inducted. Even if you’re super confident you know how to use the tool, you must get marked as inducted on the membership system first.
  • Do not change the code.

Information posters

I’ve made some posters in the space so you don’t need to remember everything. It has the basic information and a QR code for quick access to get the code.

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You may have already done this but would be possible to get someone to do a independent check to ensure the online codes are correct?

I live a good distance a way and would hate to drive all the way in to find I can’t use the tool because the code is wrong.

Didn’t see it above, but it might be worth stating only authorised people may change the codes

Good shout - I checked myself but I definitely agree that someone else should verify each tool.

@Marcus6275 would you mind as I know you’ll be in soon?

Also agree about changing the code. Shouldn’t have to say it but you’re right.

Has the code for the Warco been added to the equipment page, appears to be missing?

i think they have only done the myford and mill in the metalwork area so warco can still be used without training

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This is correct - I only asked for and had the ok from the board to get three sets of lockouts.

The metalwork team is super welcome to move the lockouts about if the team comes to concensus. Or get more - so long as the codes are on the tool pages so that genuinely trained users may use the tools. (I don’t want this to end up where people lock “their” tools out and dint give the codes out etc)

I’ll just emphasise Jason’s point above - while the Warco can physically be used without training, you still may not. It could be a good idea to laser cut some plastic tags for tools that require training just to make it obvious.

Mark has done a test of all the plug locks and all is good :+1:

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