Trainee Servomotor Repair Engineer (Stockport)

Do you enjoy designing and repairing stuff?

Trainee Servomotor Repair Engineer

Required: Enthusiast who wants to train to repair servomotors.

Engineering experience/ qualifications might be useful but are certainly not essential.
Quality Servomotor Repairs has engineers who have experience in Fine Art, amateur electronics, amateur radio, amateur car maintenance, Crafts, psychology, bicycle maintenance, etc. Only one or two people knew could even identify a servomotor before working at QSRL. Your aptitude will be shown by your hobbies and interests, precision, carefulness & thoroughness, honesty and willingness to learn/develop new techniques.

A servomotor is generally an electrical motor which has some kind of electrical or electronic positional feedback attached to its rotor. The initial training emphasis will be on either mechanical operations (disassembly, reassembly, use of lathe and milling machine); or dealing with the electrical, electronic and software aspects of these motors. Over time, you will build on your initial strengths and probably develop into other areas of repair.

For further details and the application form, please contact Ralph Southworth on 0161 480 9030 or email

general servomotor trainee advert.doc (40 KB)