Training on Wood Planing & Thickness Machine, Mitre saw and band saw

Hey all,

Joined recently and am keen to get inducted on the wood working side, is anyone able to help me with the health and safety training? Have checked on the google doc but last info was for the 14/3/23.

Many thanks in advance


Hi Tom,

Welcome to the space! Mitre saw & bandsaw training have to be done first. These have been quiet recently as the members who ran them have been really busy with other areas of their life, but the good news is some kind new folk have offered to become trainers, so there should be more trainings popping up in the coming weeks.

Once you’ve done that you can do the wood planing and thicknesser, but these are run much less frequently as we have less trainers for them, and they’re more specialised tools. We have a fair few hand planes that have good blades on them though. For any that don’t have decent blades, we’ve recently had a new grinding wheel donated that is in the process of being commissioned, so they soon will!

The best way to get notified when new slots go up is to either join our telegram groups (but there’s lots of other conversational traffic there) or open the sign up spreadsheet on your computer and turn on edit notifications, then you’ll get emailed when changes are made.
See the screenshot below



Thanks Joe! Much appreciated

one more quick one (don’t think it needs a new thread, i hope). I have joined the Hackspace Telegram, is there a dedicated Woody Telegram? I couldn’t find one.

Many thanks

There is indeed!

You can find links to all the speciality groups here: Telegram - Hackspace Manchester Documentation

You’ll be wanting the “Woodwork” link :slight_smile: