Tuesday 1st August - Showing visitors from Netherlands around?


We had this email from a group in the Netherlands, if anyone would like to step up and give them a tour of the space on Tuesday 1st August?

I work for the Verre Bergen foundation. We are a philanthropic foundation based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Our aim is to strengthen the city of Rotterdam and its inhabitants, especially the most vulnerable groups.

We strive to do this by developing and executing our own programs that evolve around different theme’s: education, financial/debt assistance and relief and integration and inclusion. You can find more information on our website Programma’s overzicht - Stichting De Verre Bergen Rotterdam (unfortunately in Dutch only).

We are interested in adapting our way of working towards a more integrated approach. For this reason we’re looking for best practices of initiatives that work with an integral approach.

As part of this process, we have performed desk research and have spoken to some experts from the field of philanthropy. In these conversations several organizations in the UK were mentioned as an interesting and inspiring example for us. We’re interested in learning from them therefore we plan to visit some of them.

We also support a makerspace in Rotterdam, ‘Bouwkeet’ https://bouwkeet.org/, visited in 2016 by Kate Middleton https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCLMMtAi98s&ab_channel=Rijnmond This organisation is intended for young people (age 8-15) and the opening hours are during the day.

In the upcoming weeks we will visit several organisations in the UK and very much hope you’d be willing to meet us on Tuesday, 1 August next, at your location at Wellington House, Pollard Street East.

That day a colleague and I are in Manchester.

I am looking forward to hearing back from you,

I’ll volunteer if no-one has yet

Thanks Peter,

I’ve cc’d you into an email with them.