UK Maker Faire Newcastle 27th & 28th April 2013

*Hello Hackerspace Folks *
*As you probably know there will be a UK Maker Faire in Newcastle on 27th &
28th April 2013 after a few conversations with the organisers O’Reilly it’s
been suggested that Hackerspaces could have a slightly more coordinated
effort or presence at the UK Maker Faire. To this end O’Reilly are
providing a Hackerspaces area which is to include Mitch Altmans’ soldering
tables. *
*It’s proposed that there will be a joint Hackerspaces table/area for UK
and Irish Hackerspaces at the Faire. This is likely to consist of
information about the UK & Irish Hackerspaces, where more information can
be found or how to go about setting up a Hackerspace. It’s likely to
include lots of photos & videos about Hackerspaces a mailing list form for
more information (probably propagated back to their local hackspace) and a
really big interactive map with existing hackerspaces marked with QR codes
and information about them. *
*The combined effort isn’t intended to replace anything you are already
planning for the Faire. If you or your Hackerspace want to have your own
exhibit or table at the Faire you still need to complete the Call to Makers on
the UK Maker Faire webpage. *
*If you would like to help with the combined Hackerspaces table/area then
please do complete this form
. *
*thank you *
Dominic Morrow *
acting on behalf of UK Hackspace Foundation