Unused Oscilloscopes

Hi all,

there are two old 20MHz (hameg?) oscilloscopes on the shelves above the electronics drawers. IIRC, these were donated to the space by a physics dept. some years back. They don’t seem to have seen a lot of use since then.

I’m working on a project which will use 5 (ideally CRT) oscilloscopes, and was wondering if these could be borrowed/bought from the space? They won’t be damaged or altered in use. Is there an electronics area telegram group to contact?

Also to add, there’s no “electronics” category!


I have a CRT oscilloscope I’m willing to lend you. I don’t use it very often

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Hi Chris,

In terms of borrowing, when and how long for? Where are they being used? Are they going to end up in a wet field as part of a festival installation, or would they be being used in a secure indoor space? I’m sure you can appreciate there’s a difference in risk to the equipment between those scenarios for example.

I don’t believe the Hackspace should be selling off the spaces equipment without first going through some sort of process involving a members meeting, which could take a little while. In an ideal world every piece of equipment in the space would look like it is seldom used as we would hope they are put back exactly how they were found.

Thanks for pointing out there’s no electronics category, hopefully @Cone will be able to create that for us (pretty please).


Joe with a board hat slightly on

Hi Joe,

I understand your concerns Joe. They would be used in a secure indoor (albeit public) space. Happy to guarantee their safety or replace with like.

However, if the process of arranging this will be lengthy or complicated it’ll genuinely cost less (time/money) to buy similar equipment on ebay - they’re in the £30 range. It would just be nice to make use of equipment that would otherwise be unused.


Thanks Peter! I have one too (from the pile that was donated to the hackspace and deemed excess). Can I message you somehow about when/how it will be used?

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Sure. I’m @peterdroberts on telegram. Does that work for you?

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Only posting to tag @bluetin who’ll surely have a good idea of the electronics equipment and what can/can’t be done with it

Thanks for the heads up - Electronics category created :+1:

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