Upcoming board elections - Overview of the role of a Director

Hi All,

The board elections are coming up within the next couple of months, and several people have asked about what the role entails.

I have put together a document outlining what the role of the board of directors is as a whole. I have also then gone on to suggest how I would see the roles best broken down.

The board can be anywhere from three to nine directors, so the roles could be further split if we had an influx of willing nominations.

I am in the process of drafting an amendment to our constitution which would insist we have at minimum a defined chair, secretary and treasurer. This would make it easier for us to apply for funding in future, as funds often look for those roles in a company’s constitution. It would also aid in there being more accountability on board members.

The returning officer will be in touch about the elections soon.

Board Member Roles.pdf (46.1 KB)