Updated Purchase Proposal System and New Funding for the Space

Good Evening All,

The past 6 months have been looking positive for the Hackspace. Our membership numbers are steadily increasing, and our monthly income has been improving as a result.

The Board agreed at their last meeting that some money ought to be spent bringing our more tired tools and equipment up to standard, so that we can build a good base stock of quality tools for the membership to use. We also approved a new proposal system by which funding can be gained.

We are providing the subgroup teams an initial ~£2k worth of funding to spend between them on updates with a further £2.5k provisionally ring-fenced to get the welding area going (pending discussions with the welding team). We hope there to be more funds available down the line, so that this becomes the start of our upgrades and not a single shot at it.

One thing our subgroup teams have really been struggling with recently is volunteering time. If you have any spare time to lend a hand and join one of our subgroups your help could really help the space to thrive.

New Proposal System
Our new proposal system is outlined in the document attached below. We hope this will make it more transparent to members how our money is being spent and why, as well as giving more opportunity for members to get involved with improving the space.

Essentially the process will be:

  1. Idea
  2. (If needed) Idea developed through telegram/meetings/forum
  3. Purchase Proposal listed on forum.
  4. Board and Members show support for purchase
  5. If enough support is gained, the purchase can be made.

Only subgroup teams will be able to make purchase proposals, as they will likely be the ones maintaining the equipment. Members are welcome to join these groups, or to discuss their ideas for proposals with the groups. This proposal system is in place as of now.

The consumables system still needs some work to it, but this should be ready in the near future.


Joe with a board hat on.

Purchase Proposal System.pdf (64.3 KB)