Updates to Announce Name and requirement to re-consent

Hi Everyone,

Following the AGM and discussion about the doorbot. It was still clear many members were unaware of it’s existance.

To ensure informed consent of its use, we have now done the following:

  1. Removed Announce Names from the initial sign-up form.
  2. Removed all previous Announce names from the database.

Announce names can still be assigned. This must be done from your account settings on members.hacman.org.uk. Anyone wishing to use doorbot from now on, must re-enter their announce name.

Announce names can be anything you like, a nickname, emoji, excert of a story, favourite song lyric, etc. Just please don’t be rude or offensive.

By having an announce name, when you swipe your fob or use a keycode to enter the space, your entrance will be announced on the Hackscreen Telegram Chat. This can be useful to figure out when the space is busy or let others know when you are in the space.

Messages on the Hackscreen telegram are automatically deleted after a 1 month, can’t be shared, and previous messages can’t be viewed before you joined the group. Doorbot does not track exits. The link to join the doorbot telegram chat is public, and can be viewed by anyone who joins it, member of the space or not.

Once again, all users have had their announce names reset. If you wish to use an announce name, you must set this up in your accounts area.

If you do not wish to use an announce name, you do not need to take any action at all.

Not sure if you’re looking for any discussion on this topic but I like to request an old feature that was removed at some point is reinstated.

In the past when members who didn’t have an announce name entered the space, Hackscreen would show them as a ghost :ghost: emoji instead. As you’ve mentioned one of the biggest benefits of Hackscreen is being able to see if others have recently entered the space as many of our tools are no lone working, knowing if people are going to be around can help with planning trips, especially for those who have long journeys to get in. The use of the ghost emoji maintained anonymity so I don’t see it being as much as an issue as before with members inadvertently putting their name in it.

I fully support having the one time wipe of the database and improving the information going forward to ensure members are fully aware of what the system is and how it works so they can make a conscious decision how their public presence is announced.


That sounds like it makes a lot of sense. Cheers Mark.

Perhaps if it auto fills as that, then members can also choose to go into settings and remove that manually then we have full consent for all options.

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