Urgent - lathe available

Hi All,

I’ve recently been informed by my father that he’s planning on getting rid of the lathe we have here in the next week or so.

This leaves a couple of different options

  1. We can bring it in (getting it into the space is something we can sort out)
    then use it as a wood / general purposes lathe
  2. It’s going to get binned on the tip

With option 1, we might wait untill the lift is fixed
With option 2, I’d probably be keeping the chucks for my 5th axis at home possibly
and he’s mentioned that any useful bits like cutting tools etc can be donated to Greg for the other lathe.

Ideally I’d like to see option 1 since I’d like to not see it binned. I’m sure there’s a ton of useless crap we could clear out to make room for it, perhaps shift those 2 tables near the members storage to outside. And we don’t need to be as fussy with the materials used on it if it’s being used for wood

Many Thanks

I would suggest bringing it in, getting it to spin, and fabricating a tool rest suitable for woodturning - this would make it the wood lathe, which would expand the capabilities of the space (and maybe end the endless “can I turn wood” questions that I currently get)

I would propose that it be stored in woody/dusty, probably against the long OSB wall, at least for now, as wood lathes tend to scatter sawdust far and wide.

I can assist with fabrication of parts, but I have very little idea how to safely operate a wood lathe, so someone else would need to do the training.


I’ve now had approval to shift the settee and one of the piano’s out so I’ll see if I can do that the next time I’m in. This should hopefully free up some space.

One thing to mention, if I get the okay to bring it in, we’ll probably bring the lathe in without the base (which is a just a few bits of metal welded together) since it’s very heavy and we can quite easily stick it on a desk or wooden platform of some sort instead.