Using the space for work-work?

Hello all,

Sometimes I’m in town and need to sit somewhere with wifi and work on my laptop for a few hours. Obviously there’s a ton of cafes where I could do that, but also the space fits those criteria! Is it okay to use the space like this?


Yes you are free to use the space to carry out work-work. No obligation to use the workshops. Only thing I’d say is please be mindful that should others be using the space they may be noisy as well as the other tenants of the mill can be loud at times.

There are other members who use the space during the day as an alternate location to do work-work so they may be able to give more insight as to how well/productive working at the space can be. We are also working towards having the front area as a quieter working space for members to relax a bit away from the active workshops if thats more suitable, though that maybe a few weeks/moths away from being finished.

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One thing to be aware of is that the internet isn’t the fastest in the world. We get it for free from what I understand but it’s only around half a Mb for the speed I think.

Hi! I have done this for a while, especially pre-lockdown.

As Mark says, it can be noisy – not only because of the machines but because of the adjacent music and dance studios.

In the winter, the space is also very cold and doesn’t really heat up. That’s less of an issue if you’re making/building, which warms you up a bit, but sat at a computer you can get very cold. I would sometimes work in coat, hat and gloves.

Finally, the space rarely has people in there before 12, but in the afternoons and evenings it fills up a bit. Me being me, I find (or found) myself getting drawn into chat about the space and making rather than getting on with my work.

Also, the WiFi can be flaky. I believe it’s just the router which sometimes needs resetting. That might be better these days – I’m not really a network expert, but it could be a quick fix.

Finally, the food options nearby aren’t GREAT, (chippy for every meal sounds exciting, but it’s not a good idea) and I used to find myself walking back into town, which can be a good thing or can disrupt your working day.

All this said, I found the space a welcome sanctuary from my home at the time, which contained my then toddler son and both in-laws.

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