Vac Former Pledge Drive!

So, a fantastic vacuum former has been discovered on ebay, and since it’s been on quite a few people’s wish lists for a long time, we’re running a pledge drive!
The former is a [[1]] Compac 343, and has bed dimensions of 16 7/8" x 16 7/8" x 7 7/8". The company that manufactures them appears to be a major brand, and this former seems a reasonable size for the hackspace and the projects members might want to use it for.
The sticking points are that this is an auction, so we’re not sure what price we’re going to be able to get the shiny equipment for. The good thing is, one of our generous members has offered to pick it up as it’s buyer collect - meaning that we should be able to get it at a decent price as it’s in deepest, darkest, Scotland.

Here’s the listing -

We already have a £25 starting pledge, and a pledge page has been set up!


Added my pledge,

Thanks for organising this

I’ll add £25 to this

I have updated the wiki page with to reflect the pledge from @thinkl33t, as well as to format the table nicely. The current amount pledged stands at £110.