Vending Machine - getting rid!

Hi All,

The vending machine has been sat in the middle of the space not doing much for at least the last year. With the hack-the-space day coming up soon, we’re looking at how we can tidy the space up and declutter.

While I understand it may have once had a use, during the AGM it was discussed it no longer works/isn’t used.

Unless there is a very well reasoned objection involving imminent action, we’ll be looking to sell it on.

If you’re interested in buying it then please do get in touch either via the forum, or directly with the board -


Joe with a director hat on

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I suspect getting rid of the vending machine might be an idea.
Just to give a bit of a back story to it, from what I remember it was donated as the chiller in the bottom was no longer working due to being rusted out I think due to a flood of some kind but the rest of it was ok.

We then had it working upstairs for a while with a few bits and bobs in such as arduino’s etc. But it was dependent on someone handling the change in the machine / restocking etc. Later on we discovered that it needed reprogramming for the pound coin I think, also I think we may have lost the key for it so it may have ended up being forced open.

If we wanted to use it moving forwards then the only way I could see would be to build in an rfid reader and for folks to use they’re fobs to pay for stuff
But that would be a project in of itself and given we just now have fridges stocked with stuff it makes it kind of a bit redundent.
Greg I think was kind of looking after it at some point but I think he moved back down south when covid hit.
So it’s been left largely unused in a corner

Thanks for some background on the machine. Sounds like it’s due removal.

I’ll start looking at how we can sell/get rid of something this large.