Video game consoles in the main workshop

There is a (apparently) cable-less Nintendo 64 and an XBox 360 (apparently with power cable), in the workshop. They need testing to see if they work, if they do, instead of being in boxes it would be worth finding a way to mount them all up OR properly store them so they’re more readily accessible and if they don’t work the membership should decide whether to mount them up somewhere as art or get rid of them.

Any opinions?

Neat! We had a pi connected to a big TV in slackspace which was cool but as the area changes so often it got re-used for something else, and the blackboard was put up, so now the TV is somewhere near craftspace.

I’d like to consider how we use the wall behind the shelves of all the wires. Could we move the shelves around so there’s wall space perpendicular to the sofa for a TV? Perhaps we could move electronic components into the components drawer, and with the free shelf that’s been made available, move the boxes there, then move the empty cube-shelves to the corridor for more member storage?

Might be a good idea, I doubt heavily that some of the stuff in that set of shelves actually needs to be there, all the cabling really needs to go to components, seeing as… thats what it is, hah

Makes sense. I think that stuff got put there during the move to the current place and has stayed there since.