Visit from Ken Boak and Alan Wood to demonstrate the mystorm FPGA

If people are interested,

Ken Boak and Alan Wood are coming to the space tomorrow night to
demonstrate their open source FPGA development board if people are

It won’t take long and hopefully won’t disturb anyone who is not interested.

I will be meeting Ken and Alan at 19:00.



Cool, sounds interesting!

I’ll try to be there - Will they need anything setting up? Projector, monitor, whiteboard etc? If so i’ll look at getting it done tonight.

This sounds awesome, I shall certainly try and attend.

I am still getting the details from Ken, I will let you know. I am
probably going to show up at the space tonight myself.


Awesome…the more the merrier!

Looks an impressive project, I’ve been after a cheap FPGA development
board for a while so it might just break my HacMan duck and encourage me to
turn up.

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wow! this sounds awesome!
Unfortunately am immersed in music in london right now…sending big
support by proxy …
… and expecting copious notes and youtube video stream to catch up…(;))
love to all!

The people behind it are super nice and visited leeds hackspace on tuesday,
it’s a great project and a good story behind it, too.

Sounds great, see you all then :smiley:

I should be down there as well
(was already planning on coming down for other reasons at the same time)