Visual Arts New Equipment Fund Discussion Meeting

As discussed as part of the members meeting each area should have a meeting to discuss where to spend the new equipment fund allocated to them.

For Visual Arts this is £1,000 and should be used mainly new equipment but upgrades to existing equipment can be included too.

It is proposed this meeting will take place on Sunday 15th November at 4pm and the purpose of the meeting will be to discuss the cards located on the trello board here (visual arts list). Additional proposals can also be brought to the meeting but please ensure you bring costings and where the item can be purchased etc as this will be required on the form that needs to be submitted to the board

For more information on the New Equipment fund click visit the link below

Also come start the discussion in the new telegram group for the area at

For those joining the visual arts new equipment meeting at 4pm please use the link below

Following on from the Visual Arts Meeting and due to the numbers in attendance No final decisions were made on the purchase of new equipment however we discussed the items on the trello board and any others that were raised and the preliminary agreed to spend the money in the following ways

  • Heatpress for T-shirt and Other Printing - £160
  • Acrylic Bending Tools - £130
  • Airbrushing Kit including Spray Booth and Airbrushing Tools - £120
  • Resin 3D Printer £200
  • Kitchen Units to add additional storage to the area - £240

This leaves £150 left to be allocated and its suggested that this goes towards the laser cutter rewire.

The other options on the Trello board were considered to be either too expensive or unnecessary and these could be done as a pledge drive if people still wanted these.

The final list will go to the board for approval however it was felt we should give users of that area an additional couple of days before this happens to voice their views on the items suggested.