Volunteers Needed - Hacman Hebocon @ MakeFest Manchester, 19th and 20th August

I accidentally got talked into running a workshop / event at MakeFest Manchester, so i’m looking for some willing volunteers!

Being a local event, this should be a fantastic opportunity to get the word out about the space, and help increase our membership numbers to the magical point where we’re financially stable :slight_smile:

You’ll be helping people use glueguns, soldering irons, and as many broken toys as we can get hold of to build badly-constructed monstrosities, then fighting them to the death, or until one falls over. Whoevers robot wins get the honour of winning!

Basically this ^^

If you can help, I’ve organised the volunteer roles into 4 shifts, Saturday Morning, Saturday Afternoon, Sunday Morning, and Sunday Afternoon. Please add your availability to the doodle below vv




Hey. I don’t know much about soldering etc. but if you just need an extra body I can be free for Makefest.

I’ve put my name on the Doodle…Let me know if I am or am not needed.

Anyone else? The more the merrier!

Thanks to all who have volunteered up to now, if anyone else fancies throwing their hat into the ring, please do, as we can all do less sessions of dealing with other humans - I’ll figure out if we have enough people to do a proper shift pattern on thursdayish and let you know, though if numbers stay the same as now it might be all hands on deck for the whole weekend which wouldn’t be my preferred plan :smiley:

Regarding planning for the event itself, I’ve got most of the electronicsy bits sorted (motors, batteries etc), and have started painting the arena. I still need quite a lot of random crap to use as substrate for people to trip apart then glue together in horrifying ways. I’ll be raiding the space’s stock of junk (we have so much), and leaving a couple of milk crates for people to dump anything they want to bring in from home :slight_smile:

Let’s raid Poundland/PoundWorld!

That’s the plan \o/

I’ve colonised the end of the table with boxes of stuff, should only be until tomorrow evening when Alex and I are going to set up.

We’ve also built the arena and a house robot:

I think we’re just about good to go \o/

Niiiice! Shout if you want any help setting up!

Alex and I will be taking the bits over this evening and setting up the stall - if you fancy coming over to help us set up it’d be appreciated :slight_smile:

Everyone else - It looks like we don’t have quite enough people to limit the number of shifts people are doing :frowning: . If people could turn up at the times they’ve said they were available on the doodle that would be excellent :slight_smile:

I’ve just about recovered. When’s the next one? Want to do Makerfaire?

Derby technically. Feel free to do something (email below):


We hope this email finds you well.

We are now in the process of organising the 6th Derby Mini Maker Faire, taking place at The Silk Mill on Saturday 28 October 2017. As a former Derby Mini Maker Faire Maker, we’re getting in touch to see if you would be interested in applying to take part at this year’s Faire – we’d love to see what you’ve been working on since we last saw you!

The deadline to apply is approaching quickly, but not to worry, this year’s registration form is super simple.

You can find this and more about the Faire, https://makerfairederby.com/callformakers/. If you’re a Derby Mini Maker Faire pro, and you know the score, http://bit.ly/MFCMF17.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reply to this email address https://twitter.com/MakerFaireDERBY.

The deadline to apply is Monday 4 September 2017.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!