Volunteers wanted for 2 hours max (Let's make the shelves safer)

As some of you know, I recently cut myself on the shelves in members’ storage.

We collectively decided to get some rubber strip to fit on the sharp edges.

I bought a test length of strip and it seems to work well. So I ordered another 100m of strip and we need to fit it. I have worked out a system whereby it would (theoretically) take 3 people about 2 hours to do the back wall facing Woody Dusty.

Can I have two helpers at some point over the next couple of weeks? Tuesday nights are always good for me, so how about 26th July?

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I won’t be about on the 26th - I’ll be in tomorrow and Tuesday though :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for sorting. Hope your hand heals up soon

If the day stays on the 26th I’ll come along. Hope the hand’s feeling better.

I’ll be in the space tomorrow provided it’s still cold!

I can also help on Tuesdays.

Thanks folks. I’ll be in tomorrow (doing other bits) and 26th, so would be cool to see some of you there!

Just a reminder (@Harvinder_Atwal and @Alastair ) that I’ll be in tomorrow. Free to work on this between 18:30 and 19:30, then after about 20:15

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