want to help run our Twitter?

I’m stepping back from running the hackspace Twitter since a certain unsavoury person bought the platform for 44 billion.

Therefore if you’d like to run or help run it, do shout out and I’ll add you to the outreach group chat!

Was there any actual uptake for this? Given that there isn’t, it’s probably time to ask:

  1. How much traffic (and business/sign-ups) do we get from Twitter?
  2. Is it feasible to retire it as an actively monitored account and just X-post stuff to there from our other social media?
  3. State the above in our profile and direct people to other channels if they want to contact us?

Given our audience, I’m sure people will appreciate that approach.

I’ve seen a few enquiries to it but it’s never been the main channel. I always found Facebook to be the main place for our audience.

Mothballing it could be a good idea

Facebook is becoming pretty dead too. I was chatting to @ellis666 about only using that for cross posting as it’s integrated. Instagram is our main source of enquiries, views and traffic these days I think.

Our google maps also gets a fair few views each month! Underrated media. We could do with some more recent photos of the space soon, but I sold my DSLR camera a while ago. We’d also need our star model The Shark, to come back for the shoot.

A lot of the enquiries these days are just about the open evening, as discussed before I think people find turning up at a random time on a Wednesday evening daunting. But if we move over to the rota and half past the hour tours, this might be less confusing.

I think our website has a few contradicting bits and bobs on it too, but this can be updated as soon as any of us have the time and inclination.

In summary, i’d much much rather we had active social media, and deleted any that aren’t active and/or made a very clear note that the account is dormant, and not the space itself. We could even turn off DMs on twitter.


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Sounds like a plan. The website could do with an update for sure - it must be two years since I last made any changes to it.

We can create some new accounts on WordPress which it’s hosted on to allow people to edit things as they please.

Making social media more “read only” sounds good too. Should lower the burden.

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