Website/Digital Infra taskforce

Hey all,

Looking to get a small group of interested and active people together who want to maintain and develop the membership system and website, along with other digital infrastructure.

If you know some popular programming languages that will help - things are written in PHP.

I’ll get either a new section of the forum to discuss things or a new group chat, where we can find out what issues we are having, define them and then prioritise work. I’ve got some issues raised for the membership system that we can start to work through.

Other digital infrastructure could include the door key code, networking, provision of PCs in the space, and anything with bits and bytes.

Shout out if you’re interested.


I’d be interested
I’m not into PHP personally, although I have dabbled in webpack / vue based stuff a bit. Generally my language of choice is usually CSharp although I realise that’s not of much use in this case. Also trying to learn rust.

I’ve also been contributing towards getting rust working on the ESP32 (which it now does) in hopes one day it could be used for stuff like haccess.

I remember a while back rossy came out with a system for purchasing stuff by selecting from a list, I think it was a way of tracking if moneys was spent towards the laser cutter or snackspace etc.
In principle it was a good idea, but the fact you had to enter in a fob number / in space bar code reader / use a separate terminal that would sometimes fail to get it working I think is where it fell down a bit.
Something like that but tied to the membership system I think would be more appropriate.

Thanks - it would definitely be good to get eyes on the kiosk system again.

It was good but I think with more people looking at it and keeping it maintained it’ll take the burden off just one person and could be more reliable.

Part of that might be a suitable enclosure for the system, I remember there was an arduino fob reader which got broken, and then a pi on the back. Maybe a structure which could house the pi and fob reader would be good? Not sure how we’d make that… maybe a small table with the screen on top and then space inside for the electonics?

Aye, sign me up! I know I’ve been added to various teams on the membership system so keen to actually do stuff!

I’m interested but not entirely sure I’d be able to help. My background is in open source software but not web development. I’ve done some PHP before, but last time I looked at the website backend the frameworks were completely unfamiliar to me. Anyway, if you think I could contribute, I’m happy to join.

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My background is networking and infrastructure, happy to help if needed.

I’ve already registered interest but happy to do so again.

Thanks guys - I’ve created a new place for threads to be created

It’s non-public but should be visible to everyone with a membership.

If we reckon a chat would be useful I can set one up too