Welcoming Hackers from Switzerland - 20th September

We’ve had the below email from a hackspacer in Switzerland. Would anyone be able to be in the space on 20th September during the daytime to let them in, show them to our electronics area and make sure they’re all happy?

Hello everyone, I’m Nici a member of the coredump hackerspace in Jona, Switzerland. >
On the 20th of September this year I’ll be in Manchester meeting 3 friends and I was planning on giving them a small introduction to soldering and electronics in general by building an open source keyboard. The keyboard in question being the romeo by coseyfannitutti along with some small modifications I made myself.

I’d love to do this at your hackerspace if that’s alright with you. We’ll be attending the open evening the same day at 20:30 to get an introduction and meet everyone :slight_smile:

Looking forward to meeting all of you <3

I’ll be around lunchtime / early afternoon.

I might be around, workload permitting. Will def be there in the evening.