Welding Extraction Equipment

So I won a few bids on some welding extraction yesterday.

Its in Scarborough, and needs collecting either Monday 29th or Tuesday 30th November.

Location is:
Lady Edith’s Drive

So a 2.5 hr drive away :smiley:

Items are:

I am currently collecting quotes on having a moving company take care of getting it to Manchester as that would be the most convenient, however I expect it to be very expensive

Alternatively I am looking at hiring a Luton van with a tail lift so that we can collect ourselves (hire cost is between £130 and £200). If we have to go down and collect ourselves I will need help. A Luton can seat 3 people (so myself and two others). Any other helpers would be welcome to drive separately to help out.

If you can help please let me know @Marcus6275 on Telegram (the lemon profile pic) or post on here your availability.

Collection info:

Access to site is strictly by appointment and subject to current government & local guidelines. Any person wishing to access any site must have full PPE and an appropriate mask / face covering. Method Statements & Risk Assessments will be required where specified

I expect I’ll need to borrow the pallet truck as well as the sack truck to help will transport. I’ve had confirmation from the auctioneer that we can dismantle all the stuff on site to help with transport so it will likely take a few hours to get it all apart and loaded in the van

I’ve been able to assemble a team to help collect the extraction equipment on Monday

To successfully collect everything we will need to borrow some tools / PPE from the space. I emailed the board on Wednesday giving advance notice of my intent. To clarify we will all be bringing our own tools, the list below is for things we do not have/would benefit from having extra/backups.


  1. Large three piece ladders
    These belong to Richard, he has confirmed via telegram he is okay with us borrowing them.
  2. Bolt Cutters
  3. Crowbars (x2)
  4. Pallet Truck
  5. Sack Trolley
  6. Dollies
  7. DeWalt Drill & Impact + Chargers + Set of bits
  8. DeWalt Angle Grinder + cutting discs
    This belongs to Adam so will be coming with us
  9. Hacksaws
  10. Socket Set (Metric & Imperial)
  11. Hammers & Mallets
  12. Plastic Boxes/Crates


  1. Hi Vis
    Unsure if we have any but we expect this is needed on site
  2. Hard Hats
  3. Eye Protection
  4. Ear Protection
  5. Gloves

All the items listed above will be collected early on the Monday morning and returned the same day in the afternoon/evening when we return with the equipment. It is my hope that we will only require the one day to collect everything, however should Tuesday also be required then I will likely need some of the tools again, if this is the case a follow up email to the board on Monday evening will be sent.

Last minute request for help

Need someone to drive a Luton van tomorrow to Scarborough

Over 30
Full UK license (class B)
Clean Driving Record

If you can help please let me know asap