welding room ventilation plan

the plan too add ventilation to the welding room as was discussed on the members meeting of 02/08/2021

I would just make the comment that the pipe needs to be securely fastened up otherwise it could fall on someone’s head.

I’m not sure if hanging chains from the ceiling will be strong enough personally, which I think was part of the problem with the last discussion that was had on this as to going round corners or fastening to the upright beams instead of the ceiling across the craft area etc.

The path it takes looks fine to me

If we have an argon leak (correct me if we aren’t using argon) the argon will sink and not be exhausted by the ventilation system? We risk filling the nearby lift pit with argon surely?

Is there a welding company which could, being told we are a community space, give advice for free or a low cost?

These people might be able to help?

Given the welding room is entirely enclosed it could be worth getting an identical quote from 2-3 companies and seeing what the advice is.

So to clarify the ventilation. The Hackspace has asked our approved contractor who has experience installing welding ventilation to do this work. This means that the responsibility of it fall on them rather than the hackspace, giving us reassurance / guarantee that the ventilation is installed correctly and to code. If members find someone else willing to help and do the work who is qualified we’d happily review a quote, though cost would then become a factor. We currently have £300 quoted for the work

I’m aware this post has come about because a layout was requested for the welding room by Ben. This was for the room itself and what equipment will be in there, where it will live and what requirements it has. So a list of equipment, including thing we may want in future, may be a good start to come to an agreement on.

Example of things I’ve had discussions with people about:

  • Tig welder
  • Mig welder
  • Sand blasting cabinet
  • Air Compressor (air supply to rest of space as well)
  • Surface Grinder
  • Metal Benders

The welding / lift wall is planned to be moved the the other side of the double doors from metalwork, closer to the lift. This is only to make welding bigger and give you guys more usable space. The wall move however isn’t stopping other tasks though and can be done at any point when we’re ready

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£300 sounds pretty cheap and I’d be more than happy personally if it’s done by someone professional etc.

I think in that case what we need to figure out based on the above is the welding room layout (including the area in front of the lift)

I suspect the welding hood / vent may be directly on the same wall as the craft area. But I think that maybe we need a diagram to indicate where everything will be.
One of the things will more than likley be the 3 phase supply. Since I know at least the tig welder I think uses 2 of the 3 phases with an odd numbered plug (from what I can gather it’s a common setup for welders).

£300 has already been allocated / paid for my the metalwork fund

That quote was only for materials as labour was free so expect others to be higher, so anything over would need to be raised by pledge drive

I still think there’s a way of doing it to the other drainpipe pulling the laser fumes out, so long as there’s positive pressure past the join it should always be pulling air away from it.

I’ve also seen commercial systems where they have padlocked fume apertures so that even if it wanted to the flow would meet a dead end. It’s just a matter of process to ensure one is open at any one time and there’s a set amount of time to leave it running so it gets time to clear and bring fresh air through.

Might also solve the mould problem if we’re smart about it.

So as part of the planned work the laser would be tee’d into the welding with one way baffles added to prevent backflow

Again all this would be by qualified installer/designer so we the hackspace don’t have to worry about it all and try plan for all situations

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