Welding / Ventilation

thanks everyone, that makes a lot more sense.

I thought that the location for the welding room was decided back in December, so didn’t really expect practical objections along these lines right now. But I understand the concerns.

this looks useful: https://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/guidance/wl2.pdf

I don’t know exactly how you define “confined space”. It could well be the case that every part of the Hackspace is confined in some way.

I don’t know (and I literally mean I don’t know – I’d like to be told differently) why local exhaust ventilation (LEV) isn’t sufficient for welding. You remove fume at the source, and as long as the room isn’t sealed, air will be drawn in from elsewhere in the space. Gases and fumes shouldn’t accumulate or seep into other rooms as they are removed at source.

another HSE doc on ventilation. I’m sure LEV is the way to go. Moveable hood.

“One of the things I’d like to know as a starting point is if there would be any issues with me boxing off the electric box myself as that could act as a show stopper for that area.”

Yes. The electricians have a plan to sort the Asbestos issues. Please be patient and let them sort it rather than attempting something yourself. With Covid and other personal issues they have been delayed, but it will be done.

I been avoiding this discussion as I am currently managing other infrastructure projects in the space. There is agreement that moving welding to the front is the best option. I’d go from there and write up all the options available, I can think of three.

  1. Split ‘old classroom’ in two and use East side.
  2. Split ‘old classroom’ in two and use West side.
  3. Using all of old classroom and build a dividing wall later when/if required.

Thanks Marcus. What are the pros and cons of each? And what is the old classroom?

Areas in the space keep being renamed so to avoid confusion I thought i’d refer to the room at the front as old classroom, the new plan was for it to be Snackspace and Slackspace combined with one half having a kitchen and the other sofas etc. The original plan for the space had that entire room allocated as a classroom however.
The room next to it (far east of the space) is now large project storage, before that it was Slackspace (aka green room). The change of use for these rooms was decided back in December, but as this discussion has pointed out rooms are still open to be changed/moved around.