I had a word with someone who came in today called Stan
I think he’s a newer member but he has a bit of knowledge when it comes to welding

According to Stan it would be safe (as far as the wooden walls are concerned)
you might get sparks when grinding, but if your getting them while welding then your basically doing it wrong

  1. We’d need to replace the sheet on the metal lathe with a fireproof one (welding curtain)
  2. Around 2 welding curtains would work in the metal working area since the walls act as the other points of cover
  3. Ideally we’d need to weld on a metal covered table since the work gets hot (so covering one of the tables with a metal sheet would be needed)
  4. There would need to be ventilation out of the wood panel next to the windows (opening the door in that area would blow the gas away so wouldn’t be ideal)
  5. Fire extinguisher would be needed
  6. users would need they’re own ppe
  7. I’m guessing risk assessments
  8. board approval etc

More than likely the 3 phase one can’t be converted to single phase
usually it’s a case of switching between American or UK voltages, but for 3 phase they usually need 3 phase.
That would leave the red welder and the blue stick welder that could be used.

Originally I was worried about the fireproofing of the walls but from what I can gather that’s not really a problem.

Are you asking if members approve of this?

it has to be board that gives final approval.
Before we had a lot of uncertainty because we didn’t have anyone to advise
although given recent events (associated with the location) it’s probably best to just wait and see what happens with that first

If someone wants to send the board something that outlines this is how we can do welding in the space including any necessary safety equipment like welding curtains etc alongside a risk assessment and something in regards to how people are trained or inducted in how to weld (as i assume its probably not something you can just pick up and do) then we can consider it