When was the power turned off to the press

the press in the storage was being used for myself as part of an experiment and needed 24hr of heat pressing minum.
i came back on monday morning at 1100 to find it was turned off.
please can the preson who unplugged the black spool come forward so i can record the length of time it remained in the press for please. i not angry.

I wasn’t responsible for removing the spool, however, it was pointed out to me by a concerned member on Saturday morning, 13/02/2022, at approximately 11:00, at that time, it was powered off, and the spool wasn’t present.

I wasn’t able to check the temperature at that time as the infrared temperature sensor was missing, again, from its permanent home in WeldyGrindy.
In reference to this point, I suggest you purchase one for the lab, as it is a permanent requirement, in light of recent issues, until further notice, that it remains with the Myford ML7 lathe at all times.

The press, and its accompanying equipment, wasn’t clearly marked, other than DNH message written on the top of the power supply in marker pen, with no name, username, or other identifying features, and there was nothing present to clearly identify it was yours, otherwise we may have been able to contact you to inform you, and resolve the situation at an earlier time.

The board will be making contact with you separately regarding the use of the press in this manner, however, we can assure you that it wasn’t any of us that interfered with it.