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Following is a link to a test setup for a DokuWiki solution, intended as a demo for one of the possible solutions re: the wiki.
Please have a play with it and let us know what you think. There is a login setup with the following details:
Username: hacman
Password: hacman

The What You See Is What You Get editor is really good to have, why doesn’t ours have that?

It looks like a decent system. The only issue I have are the sidebar links that go to tags, it would be nice to click on “About” and get an “About us” page.

I’m not getting involved with the add-ons/spec discussion, but I approve in getting a demo up and running. Hopefully the process will outline some solutions that can also have a demo where we can see what the community finds easy to use, both technical and non-technical people alike.

Do we know if there’s been any progress on this?

A long story short, the way I read the draft requirements document is that it’s only a minimum set of requirements, but someone’s elses interpretation was that only those things in the document would be allowed in any demo’s put together
I didn’t want to constraint or cripple the demo I was setting up, so went outside the process.

Looking forward

  • I believe the WYSISWYG editor is in the list of requirements for the requirement document draft btw for any potential demo’s
    although I don’t think the document has been released yet (assuming it’s still going to be released, I’m no longer on the Doc team so can’t tell)

  • The sidebar is it’s own page so you can put what you want there, at the moment there’s some manually added tags at the top, and a list of pages by namespace at the bottom
    It’s possible to limit access via an acl btw, although I think for the demo you can edit it currently

One thing I did notice while importing / copying pages across
dokuwiki page names are case insensitive, but it looks like the original mediawiki is setup with case sensitive page names
When the pages were imported the importer handled this by adding extra underscores into the name to compensate

So for example, these two links which look similar but have different case

come out looks like this after importing

I think this means on the original system, you could have the same page repeated with different content using different case in the name

Many Thanks