Wiki review progress?

I was just wondering if there has been any progress with respect to the wiki or the requirements document?
I decided to stay away from the Documentation telegram group due to a disagreement over the process.

But I’m still keen to know if this is progressing and what the process might be if it’s changed.
The original sticking point for me was that only those things specified inside the document that was being put together would be allowed within any potential options or demo’s being put forward, potentially limiting what we could put inside a demo (resulting in a crippled demo)

If the above is still the case then there’s isn’t much I can do other than disagree and leave it at that.
If on the other hand the document is only going to be a minimum set of requirements (in other words adding things into the demo that’s not in the proposed document is okay) then that is something I could quite happily get behind.
Some clarification over what the process currently is if it’s still going forward would be most appreciated

Many Thanks