WITHDRAWN/PURCHASED Purchase proposal – parallel set for milling machine

Proposal Type:

Mike Hindley – metal

A small parallel set, which makes working on the mill much easier

Proposed Purchase:
It will be useful on the machine tools and in some measuring and marking operations. These are precision ground to within 3 ten-thousandths of an inch, so must be handled with care by trained lathe/mill users.

Proposed Installation:
It will be stored with mill accessories


Funding type:
Fully funded by Hackspace

Health & Safety

Micro Proposal <£50 - 2 Board Members and 2 Members

Supporting Board Members:

  1. Joe C
  2. x

Supporting Members: (delete number as appropriate)

  1. Mike Hindley
  2. Mark
  3. Periklis



+1 from me

cheers Joe

@Josephxtian can I withdraw this? Basically, I had donated a welder to the space, which I sold last month for £50. I can just use that ££ to buy these. Is that OK?

I don’t see why not. Cheers Mike.


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