Wood team meeting – 21 Aug

Hi all. The wood team held a meeting on 21 Aug to discuss various matters. You can find the minutes below. Any questions/comments/queries welcome.



  • Ray Boruch
  • Mark Dale
  • Frank Hall
  • Michael Hindley
  • Guy Powell
  • Peter Roberts
  • Tony Goacher
  • Richard Westwell


  • Mark Dale
  • Frank Hall
  • Michael Hindley
  • Guy Powell
  • Peter Roberts
  • Richard Westwell


1. Welcome new members (Guy and Peter)

2. General space updates (Mark)
a. Dust extraction
We still need to 3D print some more parts. Intent is to extend dust extraction to current wood pile corner for wood lathe. Pledge drive has been written for a better filter. The system isn’t quite ready for member communication yet. NO ACTION.
b. Benches and cupboards
Mark currently working on drawers and cupboard doors. Intent is to provide a basic structure and let members add dividers/shelves as required. Some level of organisation is proving successful. NO ACTION.

3. Tool updates
a. Table saw (Mark)
Height handwheel was falling off due to high degree of backlash in its axle (threaded rod). Mark has locktited a nut on. People keep tripping fuses (mainly with 18mm MDF). ACTION: Mark has asked Ben (Dooks) to look at a resettable fuse instead of replaceable cartridge fuses. People keep dropping items on the saw. Right now, the rip fence is out by 0.5mm front to back. ACTION: Mark continues to monitor.

b. Router table (Mark, Mike)
Work is ongoing. Router has been partially adapted, parts have been machined, and the bench has been modified. ACTION: Mark, Mike and a machinist (Jim has been suggested) need to spend approx 1/2 a day installing and fabricating parts as needed.

c. Planer thicknesser (Guy)
Machine is now ready for training. There is the risk that repeated removing and replacing the outfeed table (which is a necessary part of the planer’s function) could lead to inaccuracies. ACTION: Mike to announce the P+T sessions will start running.

4. Tool maintenance
a. Bandsaws
Blade broken. We are not sure who broke it and how the blade broke. ACTION: Mark to replace like-for-like, but we will monitor the costs as this could become unmanageable.
b. Belt sander
Drive belt is broken. We also need a new adhesive velcro piece. We should mention heavy-handed use to members in an email. ACTION: Frank to talk to Jack re. a replacement.
c. Large pillar drill
Drive belt tension mechanism is jammed. ACTION: Richard has already loosened/oiled sliding mechanism (23/08/22) but stiffness remains.
d. Small pillar drill
Needs new switch and handle. ACTION: Mike to examine.
e. Hand belt sander
Bearing has gone, and screw holding bearing has rounded off. ACTION: Frank to liaise with Jim, who can look at a fix.

5. Training
a. Are current processes working for us? Can we improve anywhere?
Videos are working well. Spreadsheet is working well. Trainers need to stay on top of a balance between too many sessions and enough to fulfil need. NO ACTION.
b. Membership system vs Google Docs
Advantages and disadvantages of members’ system were discussed with regard to tool pages and the recording of trained users. Consensus was that this is part of a larger conversation for the members’ meeting, but members should be aware of the issues at hand. NO ACTION.

6. Bandsaw/mitre saw waiting list (Mike)
We have a long waiting list. We have a plan to work through it, but many people on the list will just be on there due to legacy system issues. They probably don’t even know they are on there. ACTION: Mike to clear the list, and email all members to say we have done so. And ask interested members to add themselves back onto list and work through as before.

7. Wood pile (discussion)
The pile has become slightly unwieldy and encourages members to leave offcuts. ACTION: Shrink current pile to 2x white shelves for small offcuts + small area for sheet goods only. Idea is that a smaller pile will be more manageable but we realise it may still be abused. Offer excess wood to members to take home/burn.

8. Layout
When would we like to start on moving the lathe? What impact will this have?
We can move the lathe ASAP once wood pile has moved. Ray is currently unavailable, but we may need consultation with a lathe “owner” when the time comes to move it. NO IMMEDIATE ACTION.

9. AOB?
There was a wider discussion about payment models for the space – do we do a per-use model or up the subs? ACTION: Mike to add this to the agenda for the members’ meeting in Sept.