Woodwork Learning Evenings?

Hi everyone, would anyone like to start a woodwork learning evening? It could work in a couple of ways. Either we could find someone experienced who’d be willing to give us some time one evening a week. Or we could find YouTube projects and work together to complete them together. Either way it would be nice to have a woodwork group, so if anyone is so inclined let’s talk.

How is Tuesday evenings for everyone?

Sounds good to me Jon,

I am looking to make a workbench on casters for at home and need to brush up on my woodworking / design. I have noticed that there are a lot of new jigs and tools in the woodworking area that I’d like to learn how to use - like the cross cut sled etc…



That sounds great, I’ve just finished converting my sofa into a sofa-bed and building some storage under another sofa. I’m considering building a wall shelving unit for my living room, not quite sure if I can get the wood I need easily enough and at low cost.

I’m not sure about the woodwork evenings as no-one really showed an interest and I’m certainly not experienced enough to teach. I suspect that most hackspace users are into electronics rather than woodwork.

We could try doing a woodwork evening on meetup?