Woodwork Team Meeting Minutes - 26th Feb 2023

The woodwork team held a meeting on 26th Feb 2023 at 8pm:


  • Mark Dale
  • Mike Hindley
  • Peter Roberts

Workshop updates:

  • Table saw lift mechanism currently broken. New spindle thread with associated parts will cost £77 + VAT + pp. Machine to be taken out of order from the 4th March to give the team the ability to inspect the machine in more detail and check if anything else has broken.
  • Evolution Mitre saw has an intermittent brake. Team to keep observing the machine while researching possible causes/fixes.
  • Several tools on the work bench need slight adjustments to work better (fence angles, bed heights etc)
  • Dust extraction work on-going, 16a power supply currently being installed. Duct work delayed due to scaffolding being taken home by owner after ladders were taken (they’ve since returned)

Risk assessments:

  • A new format has been created for all the tools and as such many need reviewing
  • Mark will liaise with team members to ensure they are set-up on the google drive and able to access all the required areas.
  • From current experience it has taken ~1hr to complete from scratch with similar ones taking ~30mins afterwards.


  • Wood lathe training now available!
  • General discussion on having online training via google forms has started again with possible solution that will work with the membership system. Team to write quizzes for tools that would benefit from this as a starting point.
  • Recruitment drive for more trainers to share the load, if members are interested in helping please message in the “got wood” telegram chat.
  • More discussion with members about effective tool usage to prevent unnecessary training on the advance tools, eg: Planer & Thicknesser
  • Due to requirement of material needed for training, team to look into charging options to cover costs so we’re not reliant on finding suitable pieces in the offcut storage.

New equipment funds:

  • Team has successfully run a few purchase proposals with a couple still gaining support
  • Team to look at getting clamps for the DeWalt mitre
  • Workshop needs to have emergency stops installed. Proposal for the parts required to be written and presented to the board.
  • Plan to create proposals for upgrading the hand tools in the workshop, eg: Palm sanders


I’m still happy to show you how to use Google Forms in person, but it is very simple like many Google products.

This link should have some more information.

For our use it would be a case of creating a quiz within the form. Though I now see there is no way to set up a different response depending on if the user gets 100% on the quiz or not, which is annoying. I’ll have to speak to Bristol about how they do it.

Here is their table saw induction for example:
The quiz link is at the bottom of the page, and it auto-emails users if they get 100%

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