Hey guys,

Been following you guys and your journey for quite sometime looking to hopefully join and become a member.

Im mostly interested in doing some woodowrk (scrolling and bandsaw for wall art projects) but the last time i was in a workshop was back in high school; so it has been quite some time :sweat:.

Im looking for a bit more information regarding the tools you have for woodwork. what throat depth does your scroll saw have and what brand as im looking to work on medium to large mdf. and iv never used a band saw before, anyone here that can set me up with tips etc once i join.

thanks again guys. cant wait to make this happen :slight_smile:


We have two fretsaws, a Draper one and a Power Craft - we have the information and manuals for both of them on our wiki (http://wiki.hacman.org.uk/Fretsaw). The Draper is the only one with the throat depth documented, and it has a 400mm depth - I believe from looking at it that the Power Craft one might be larger. I’d be concerned with how many blades you’ll go through with thick MDF - you might want to pick up a pack or two!

Our bandsaw (http://wiki.hacman.org.uk/Bandsaw) has a smaller throat at about 310mm, and at the moment we have a medium blade on the saw - you might want to get a finer one if you’re planning to do lots of curves and detail work on it. The bandsaw requires a brief induction before you can use it, so feel free to ask the member doing the induction for any hints and tips.