Woody Dusty - Access Control

The Woodworking area is now under Access Control, you will require to use your fob to gain access to the area. We are disappointed that it has come to this and hope that this will be enough to ensure people use the area responsibly and keep it tidy. any issues in accessing the area should be reported via the Hackspace Helpdesk.

To exit whilst in the woodworking area please press the white switch button located by the door

This is small minded and hateful a complete knee jerk reaction. I just hope I can to come to the monthly members meeting to complain about this. I would far rather clean up someone elses mess than deal with this crap. Still waiting for a password reset mail.

I noticed that you can disconnect the magnetic lock by disconnecting the wires that stick out of the wall to the left of the door. Just put the wires back when you’re done


This was discussed at various MMMM and at a board meeting and it was agreed that Access Control was the best way forward (rather than cameras or other methods including shutting down the area) This post actually states what to do if you have difficulty accessing the area (use the hackspace helpdesk) which we monitor a lot more closely than forum posts. We have backups in place for access to W/D in the event of fobs not working (or being locked in) but they arent suitable to be posted publicly but by using the helpdesk or contacting a board member via telegram one of us would have been able to assist in getting you access back to W/D.

In regards to your forum messages I must say that as one of the people involved and who gave up my time to help get the ACS installed I take offence at being called a tosser and would remind you that our Code of Conduct applies to all digital infrastructure of the Hackspace as well as within the space itself and urge you to remember that in any future posts.

We are working hard to build a community a place where like minded people can work on projects, share tools, share ideas etc and part of that is trying to ensure people take responsibility for the space, clean up after themselves, improve the space etc and we hope the Access Control system to Woody Dusty will help towards this as we are now able to see any correlation (and take any neccessary action) in terms of people using Woody Dusty and it being left in an unusable and potentially unsafe state which infuriates most other members.

As mike says you can send any complaints to the board via the email address, also I checked and your password reset email has been sent twice and was accepted by your mail server according to our mail logs. If you are still experiencing difficulty accessing the members system please contact the infrastructure sub committee via the Hackspace Helpdesk.

To be fair
The approach was taken before hand to spray paint the floor with “clean up” signs in bright blue and put signs up everywhere to remind people to not leave a mess as a first step
But from what I can gather a couple of folks spread dust everywhere with sanders and didn’t bother to clean up so the next step was an electric lock.
And even with the electric lock someone still recently managed to leave a large sheet of wood in front of one of the benches to get in everyone’s way.

Personally I think a camera would have been better in some ways just for the purposes of finger wagging and “don’t do it again” etc, but from what I can gather it causes problems from a GDPR point of view.