Given the current state of the Woodworking Area and despite all the notices, previous announcements in regards to ensuring the area is kept clean and tided up after you use it this is the way it was found this afternoon

We don’t have magical cleaning up fairies that come in and tidy up after people so please ensure you keep it tidy.

If there is no improvement on this area we will have no alternative but to look at implementing access control methods for this area including the possibility of Locking that area down to either inducted users only or when a member of the woodworking team or board are in the space and willing to supervise the area. REALLY LETS NOT HAVE THIS HAPPEN IT TAKES AWAY THE FUN!

The what the fun of locking your keys in the area and trying to generate an rfid tag when not knowing the password and not getting a password reset email. This is real shit. Who are the tossers who thought of this. Its standard authortarian stuff, as soon as some people do something that others see as wrong the police come up with a shiity system to make ones life miserable. Oh by the way my mobile phone does not work here.