Woody Dusty Meeting

Its been over a year since the last meeting for the woodwork area.

I proposed a few weeks ago in telegram that I would host a meeting virtually on Saturday 14th at 7pm
I will be using Jitsi meet similar to how the members meeting have been held.


  • Review of woodwork area
    • Changes to space
    • Proposed layout plan
  • Infrastructure tasks
    • Emergency stop switches
    • Fire exit door(s) fix/replacement
    • Access control
  • Equipment inductions
    • Training requirements
    • Moodle courses
  • New Equipment Fund
  • Woodwork Team

Equipment Fund

For the new equipment fund please see the following links for more details:
Forum post by the board - New Equipment Fund
Document detailing the requirements for spending the money - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1khsTHESQ8adE8oFw4L6vVOmoN5rfLGU8FwMS3nFJ1gI/edit?usp=sharing
Trello Board - https://trello.com/b/EJ98A1dq/new-space-equipment

Woodwork Team

The woodwork area needs a team of members that are willing to take on an increased roll of responsibility. These may include:

  • Making decisions that affect Woody Dusty (such as equipment funds)
  • Buying consumables for the space (reimbursable)
  • Working with the board/subcommittees when required
  • Periodic maintenance of the tools and cleaning of Woody Dusty
  • Ensuring tools have sufficient training resources available
  • Attendance of future woodwork meetings

If you would be interested in forming part of this team and can’t make the meeting then either post on this thread or in telegram your interest.

Mark (@Marcus6275)

Meeting summary: