Workshop Messiness

Hey All,

Over the last few weeks the workshop has become a general melange of
abandoned tools, bits of projects and scrap, culminating in the whole area
being completely covered in a thick layer of sawdust earlier this week. A
few of us have spent quite a bit of time getting it closer to general
usableness yesterday and today, but its a pain in the arse having to tidy
up others’ mess before you have space to work on your project.

Can everyone please make sure they are tidying up after themselves, and if
you see something out around the space that shouldn’t be, pop it away. All
the tool storage is labelled, there is cleaning equipment about, theres a
bin and a place for scrap wood next to the table saw, and the ‘box of
shame’ for abandoned projecty-looking things, so everything has a place.

If we can all try and leave the workshop just a little bit tidier than we
left it, hopefully it’ll be a lot more usable for all of us.