Workshop space

Hi guys

I’m in pretty desperate need for some small workshop space thats secure. I’ve got an electronics business thats in its infancy, currently running from a double garage in Preston, but we’ve been told we have to move (landlords selling up) and I’m struggling finding anywhere suitable.

I work full time in city centre Manchester, so i’ve had the crazy idea that perhaps i could find somewhere cheap round here that i can nip out to at lunch time, before work etc… do some stuff, and then return back to the real-work that pays the bills for the moment.

Does anyone know of any cheap space about ? I need to house a pick and place machine, compressor, soldering gear, scopes etc… so somewhere some what secure!

Thanks in advance


There are units available in our section of Wellington Hse if that’s close enough in for you. If you email me directly I’ll send you the landlords details.


p: 07949 151 100
t: @notquitehere