Wuthering Bytes & OSHCamp 2014, 15-17th August, Hebden Bridge.


Registration is now open for Wuthering Bytes / Open Source Hardware Camp
2014, with a total of 22 talks and 8 workshops being hosted over Friday
15th-Sunday 17th August, once again at Hebden Bridge Town Hall (W.Yorks).

Tickets are priced at £10/day (includes lunch and tea/coffee).

— Friday :: Festival Day

  • The Rise Of San Leodis and Silicon Shore: how to pretend you’ve turned
    your city into the next Silicon Valley, Imran Ali

  • Reframing Web Design: The Process of Theatre Design, Luke Murphy-Wearmouth

  • Numbers That Matter — Beyond snatch and grab ethnography, designing
    empathy and community into a product development life cycle, Hwa Young Jung

  • Computer Classics — Programming Computers in the 1960s, Ann Kilbey

  • Dynamic Static Site Strategies, Phil Hawksworth (RGA)

  • It’s only rocket science, James Macfarlane & Ed Moore (Airborne

  • Giving a clock the time it needed, Dan Morrison (BLOTT WORKS)

  • Don’t Spy on Us, Ruth Coustick-Deal (Open Rights Group)

  • Steam-powered techno, Sarah Angliss

  • The Future of Microprocessors, Sophie Wilson (Director of IC Technology,

— Saturday :: OSHCamp Talks

  • Linux bootloaders and kernel configuration, Melanie Rhianna Lewis

  • Open source archaeological geophysics - is it achievable? Tony Brookes

  • An open source aquaponics control system, Gareth Coleman & Dr Naomi

  • From Idea to Finished Product: A Tale of DFM and CEM, Omer Kilic

  • Driving milling machines with Linux, Matt Venn

  • Oxford Flood Network - easier to Apologise Than to Ask Permission, Ben

  • An introduction to writing applications for the Parallella board, Simon

  • Radio Then and Pararchive: decentralised, pervasive, and open story
    telling, James Medd

  • Commercialising your ideas, William Stone

  • OpenTRV: energy technology that saves householders money, Damon Hart-Davis

  • Interfacing with SPI and I2C, Melanie Rhianna Lewis

  • Concurrency in the real world with xCORE and XC, Alan Wood

— Sunday :: OSHCamp Workshops

  • Let’s build a flood network for Hebden Bridge! Ben Ward

  • Building applications that sense and respond to the real world, Gareth
    Coleman & Dr Naomi Rosenberg

  • Do you want to build a robot? #meArm assembly workshop, Ben Gray

  • Introduction to Bus Pirate, Melanie Rhianna Lewis

  • Building your first Parallella application, Simon Cook

  • The real world works concurrently and so can you (XMOS StartKIT), Alan

  • Design a PCB Shrimp and have it fabricated, Matt Venn

  • OpenTRV build and getting started, Damon Hart-Davis

// For further details (e.g. talk abstracts and speak bios etc) and to
register: http://wutheringbytes.com