You guys got a space available presently?

I’m visiting a friend in the area, wondering if you have a space available yet… I setup direct debit just now and figured at the least it’s a donation, but would really love it if I can hang out.

Also do you folks link discourse with member system, if so, how do I do it.

Why no replies?

I’d recommend posting on telegram
we tend to use the mailing list for things we don’t want forgotten about or official stuff

We do have a working space since the move, although there are some things still being worked on (such as mains sockets in the woody dusty area etc)
If you don’t have an RFID fob setup for getting in through the door then I’d recommend coming in on a Wednesday evening (open evening) or asking on telegram if someone is around to set one up

I’m not sure if discourse is linked to the current member system

Thank you for the clear reply. Appreciated. I guess I’m going to install telegram again :stuck_out_tongue: the one we use for my usual space is dead mostly so I ditched it.