Your 3D Printers need you! A Call for More Inductors

Calling all 3D printerers,

There’s been a fair number of requests for 3D printer Inductions recently without much success in getting them organised. We’ve made great progress with our 3D printers over the last couple of years but unfortunately the people driving the printers forward have less time than they once did, but our thanks goes out for their efforts.

In order for us to get 3D printer Inductions rolling again we are looking for a group of volunteers to look after the extrusion and resin printers, keeping them maintained and providing Inductions.

The first tasks for the group would be to review current risk assessments, put together some sort of guide to Inductions for the machines, run a test induction and then begin running (regular) inductions. Subject to availability it would be useful to have a meeting with those who used to maintain the equipment.

To be on this team you should either be inducted on the 3d printers already or have significant experience using them elsewhere. It is estimated the initial part will probably be 2 or 3 evenings worth of time, followed by maybe an hour a month for Inductions and occasional time for servicing the machines.

The directors are happy to assist where needed.

Please reply to this post or email to express an interest.


Joe with a director hat on.

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I’ve been using FDM since 2011 and SLA sforza abit 5 years. I’d be happy to join 3d irint team.

Hi, I have zero 3d printing experience but keen to learn.

I’d be interested! I have 7 years experience on multiple FFF printers and 3 years on Formlabs SLA printers.

I wouldn’t mind joining and being part of this team, though I’m a little conscious that I might not be able to offer as much time as I’d like.

I have trained and printed few things in the space before. Im not an expert but i can learn things if im not aware…

Thanks all for your offers of help. Frank has now set up a telegram group chat to get things moving, and will be the member of the board overseeing getting inductions going again. Please contact him if you wish to be involved.